Why Clean Fuel Injectors?

Why Clean Injectors?

Clean fuel injectors are important for maintaining vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

A fuel injector that is dirty, clogged, or malfunctioning may masquerade as an electrical issue, such as a problematic coil, spark plug, corroded wires, or other ignition-related problem. 

If you have thoroughly examined the entire electrical system without discovering any faults, the next course of action is to inspect the fuel system. 

Begin by confirming that the injectors are actively firing. This can be easily accomplished using a test light or commonly employed Noid lights. 

If it is verified that the problem cylinder is receiving a signal from the ECU to activate the injector, yet issues persist, the most probable culprit is a clogged or faulty injector. 

In such cases, it is advisable to opt for a fuel injector cleaning service to ensure the proper functioning of your engine, as clean fuel injectors play a crucial role in maintaining its overall health.

Ethanol in Fuel

Today’s fuel, while generally better than ever before, faces a significant problem due to the addition of ethanol. 

Initially introduced for hydrocarbon emission control, ethanol in fuel now causes a major issue by attracting moisture from the air. When water gets into the fuel, it separates, with the water sinking to the tank’s bottom. This can lead to problems for vehicles and boats, causing rust and damaging fuel pumps and injectors.

Regardless of how often you use your car or boat, ethanol issues can affect you. The filling stations you use may contain water, especially if they are older or less busy. It’s better to choose newer, busier gas stations if you have the choice.

If you suspect ethanol problems, consider draining your tank or having your fuel “polished” to remove water and contaminants. If polishing isn’t possible, draining the entire fuel system is the only alternative.

After fuel system polishing, it’s essential to go further. Water and contaminants may have passed through your fuel pump, filters, and injectors. Test your fuel pump, replace filters, and service your injectors. 

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